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Throwback Thursday: January 2001

December 26, 2013By

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? At least that’s what was instilled in me—and maybe you too—growing up. Though, aging into adulthood and gaining some footing in my trade, I’ve realized that cliché isn’t the most applicable to my professionalism. Appearance is paramount to measuring a person or business’s professionalism—no matter how grimy the job. How well the... read more

Safety saves you money

July 20, 2012By

By: Andrew Greess A few minutes ensuring safety up front is a lot cheaper than downtime, repairs, chemical spills and lawsuits. Use this Green Industry equipment safety checklist to avoid problems down the road: Is your equipment secured? Check hand sprayers, backpack sprayers, ladders and other equipment to make sure it will not go flying in an emergency (such as in an... read more

Create (and carry) an emergency repair kit

April 7, 2012By

By: Andrew Greess Spray equipment breakdowns can wreak havoc on your schedule, have an impact on your customers and hurt company profitability. Yet with a little planning, some downtime can be avoided. Here is one simple tip: Keep easy-to-replace parts in each truck so that minor repairs can be completed in the field. A repair in the field allows technicians to... read more

Avoid hose reel problems with these ‘real’ hose tips

April 7, 2012By

By: Andrew Greess These simple tips can reduce equipment problems, missed stops and unnecessary repair expenses. Swivel: The swivel on the side of your hose reel allows the drum to turn when rolling and unrolling the hose. The swivel contains rubber o-rings that are exposed to heavy use, chemical exposure and temperature extremes. The o-rings will wear out, allowing chemical to leak.... read more