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LM 2019 Industry Pulse: Labor report

December 24, 2019By
While landscape companies say work was plentiful in 2019, it was often hard to find workers like those pictured here. (Photo: GreenSweep)

LM Industry Pulse survey respondents say 2019 was a good year for business but a struggle to find people to help complete jobs. read more

Employee retention: Always be recruiting

October 22, 2019By

It sounds exhausting, but as Jedd Narsavage says, companies should always be in recruitment mode. “For recruitment, we treat it as a 24/7, 365 kind of thing, even during times when we might not have an actual open position to fill,” says the vice president of design and development for GreenSweep, a company based in Silver Spring, Md., that has... read more

Employee Retention: Giving second chances

October 22, 2019By
Schlutt, pictured on the far right, says the company values second chances. (Photo: MAAC Property Services)

Adam Schlutt is president of MAAC Property Services in Niles, Mich. He refers to the company, which provides snow removal and maintenance for a 98 percent commercial clientele, as mission-based rather than profit-based, due to its culture of hiring individuals with less-than-clean criminal records. He and his father, Mark Schlutt, started the practice about 10 years ago as a way... read more

Labor Strategy: Recruiting, Retaining great employees

April 6, 2016By

Retain ’em with tech Austin, Texas, is known as a tech hub—and that fact isn’t lost on Ben Collinsworth, CEO of Native Land Design, based there. When it comes to foremen, account managers and other management roles, Collinsworth focuses on not hiring just anyone but hiring the best. He has an excellent pool of candidates for manager positions, thanks to... read more

2014 Lawn Care Forum: LCOs offer more employee tips

February 17, 2015By

In the second installment of “employee tips,” landscape professionals at LM’s 2014 Lawn Care Forum share additional advice for attracting and retaining good employees. You’ll hear from the following lawn care operators: • Joshua Anderson, Team Green Lawn • Nathan Brandon, Pure Green • Christopher Noon, Noon Turf Care • Jeff Smith, Lawn Cure of Southern Indiana read more

2014 Lawn Care Forum: LCOs offer employee tips

February 5, 2015By

Landscape professionals at LM‘s 2014 Lawn Care Forum share advice for attracting and retaining good employees. You’ll hear from the following lawn care operators: • Bobby Jenkins, ABC Home & Commercial Services • Bob Mann, Lawn Dawg • Nate Wandrey, Dobson’s Woods & Water • Bruce Bachand, Carol King Landscape Maintenance • Dan Trudeau, Caretaker Landscape & Tree Management read more