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Team challenge

December 12, 2018By
Grass image (illustration: iStock.com/Pavlo Stavnichuk)

A recent survey of lawn care and landscape professionals by Environmental Science, a business unit of Bayer Crop Science, revealed that lawn care operators (LCOs) are struggling with the same primary challenge as the larger green industry: lack of qualified team members. Here’s a look at some of the survey’s findings. 40% Percentage of respondents who said “a shallow bench”—or not enough team... read more

High Performance: The absolute best way to find good people

March 24, 2014By

I often am asked for advice on finding good people, as many organizations struggle in this area. Of course, I have a long list of powerful strategies to share. But I’m going to tip you off to what I feel is the absolute best way to find good people—maybe even great people. Amazingly, this strategy is so simple it’s often... read more

How to calculate a company’s enterprise value

February 1, 2012By

By now you have closed out your 2011 financials and you might be asking what this thing is worth? It’s a metric you should quantify each year regardless of your perceived “exit” timeline.  Growing a company’s enterprise value requires planning, people, and perseverance. Great deals don’t just fall into an owner’s lap overnight. It takes planning and involves execution, typically... read more