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STC meeting breaks attendance records

April 2, 2012By
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By: Rick Doyle, Synthetic Turf Council From March 5 – 7, 2012, the place to be in Las Vegas was the Synthetic Turf Council’s Spring Membership Meeting. The event attracted a record attendance of 238 representing 138 companies located throughout the world, including manufacturers, suppliers, installers, landscape architects and engineers, testing labs, and maintenance equipment and service companies. The conference theme was... read more

Membership for All

March 9, 2010By

By: Rick Doyle, Synthetic Turf Council When first thinking about the Synthetic Turf Council (STC), you might focus on companies and people who make turf, sell it, or install it. While those individuals are critical to the industry, our trade association is also about more than that. Founded on the basic premise of promoting the synthetic turf industry, the STC has... read more

A look back at the STC’s 6th year

December 8, 2009By

By: Rick Doyle, Synthetic Turf Council On Oct. 1, the Synthetic Turf Council celebrated its sixth birthday and closed the books on another memorable and productive year, despite the many challenges created by the recession. One of the STC’s primary missions is to promote the benefits of synthetic turf, as well as its human health and environmental safety as validated by... read more

International demand for synthetic is growing

September 4, 2009By

By: Rick Doyle, Synthetic Turf Council We have talked a lot about the growth of the synthetic turf industry in the United States and Canada. But the demand for resilient sports surfaces that can withstand strong usage is particularly strong in Europe. The European Synthetic Turf Organization (ESTO) recently announced that its members, which represent 90% of the industry in Europe,... read more

The versatility of synthetic turf

June 8, 2009By

By: Rick Doyle, Synthetic Turf Council Summer is here, and this year we’ve got an exceptionally hot one, with record temperatures in every region of the country. With this sweltering heat, a number of cities are also facing intensified drought, concerns about fire season, rising water restrictions and more. These conditions, some of which persist year-round in more arid geographies, are... read more

New air quality survey concludes crumb rubber synthetic turf fields are safe

May 4, 2009By

By: Rick Doyle, Synthetic Turf Council Last month, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) released the results of an air quality survey conducted on its behalf by TRC Cos., an independent environmental engineering and consulting firm, to measure the presence of “contaminants of potential concern” (COPC) in the breathing zone of young children above crumb rubber synthetic turf fields.... read more