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TAG: Risk Management

NALP offers tips to avoid improper parking accidents

May 10, 2017By

A host of serious incidents can happen when landscape trucks and trailers are improperly parked in or near roadways, the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) says. In light of a recent wrongful death judgement against BrightView, LM reached out to the association for safety tips. Here is some guidance offered by the NALP, which noted it knows nothing about... read more

The risks of being uninsured

March 30, 2015By

When you’re caught up in the day to day of managing a landscaping business—scheduling jobs, juggling employee availability, keeping an eye on aging equipment—it’s easy to overlook longer-term issues that only crop up once in a great while. Take your business insurance, for example. If you have employees or work with larger clients, such as a school or business complex, you... read more

Risk Management: Beware the legal theory of construction defect

October 23, 2012By

Since the recession, insurance companies are seeing a greater volume of claims from property owners, including construction defect claims. The little things a homeowner may have once ignored are now bringing on lawsuits. A construction defect claim is when a property owner makes a claim that there’s something faulty in the construction. Landscapers can easily be brought into these claims,... read more

Risk Management: When errors occur

July 7, 2012By

You can’t always prevent mistakes, but you can lessen the blow of paying for them. A landscape designer/contractor designs a plan that doesn’t take into consideration the septic tank field lying just beyond the property — and then selects trees with invasive roots. It’s a liability situation that doesn’t happen overnight. Several years down the road, when those roots grow... read more

Risk Management: Defense against theft

May 18, 2012By

Today’s thieves seem to be getting bolder. They have been known to cut right through the trailer to steal what they want. Some might even take the whole truck. While no precautions are 100% foolproof, there are ways to protect your business against theft. And because you can’t prevent everything, it’s important to be covered by insurance. Zachery Bruce, loss... read more