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Wealth summit to be held pre-GIE+EXPO

July 17, 2015By

A new event about how to create and accumulate wealth as a landscape business owner launches this year prior to GIE+EXPO in Louisville, Ky., with LandCare CEO Mike Bogan as the keynote speaker. The Wealth Building Summit, to be held Oct. 21, is organized by consultants Jeffrey Scott of Jeffrey Scott Consulting and Ron Edmonds of The Principium Group. Bogan... read more

Ep. 133: The state of the market

June 10, 2015By

Regardless of whether you plan on selling your business this year or 10 years from now, this is something you should be focusing on right now. Call them standard operating procedures or best practices, but the more systematic and efficient your company is, the more appealing it will be to a potential buyer. The good news is that creating these... read more

Improve your cash flow: Understand basic accounting

March 24, 2015By

This post is part five of LM’s “5 ways to improve your cash flow” series. Read the first four tips here. Despite its importance, many green industry business owners don’t have a clear understanding of their businesses’ cash-flow situations. Why? Many business owners don’t pay nearly enough attention to basic accounting. In fact, many companies think of accounting only in... read more

What a merger could mean

April 28, 2014By
logo: Brickman and ValleyCrest

With reports swirling of a blockbuster deal that could merge the ValleyCrest Cos. with the Brickman Group—forming a nearly $2 billion national landscape company—landscape contractors and consultants are weighing in on the likelihood the deal will go through and what it could mean for the rest of the market. “KKR has plenty of money to invest and it makes sense... read more

FD2B Talk Radio Insight of the Night: Exit strategies for landscape contractors

August 29, 2013By

President of The Principium Group Ron Edmonds weighed in on what business owners need to think about when developing an exit strategy. Successful exit strategies require several key components. Foremost, they need to be planned out well in advance of your future sale of the business and retirement plan, sometimes as far out as five to 10 years.  Next, you... read more

Choose a good accountant

February 22, 2013By

A good number cruncher is vital to your financial success. Should yours be an inside employee or an outside professional? Many small business owners don’t consider selecting an accountant to be a very important business decision. That can be a crucial mistake. I can tell you many stories in which my clients didn’t have the right accountant—and others in which... read more