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Hunter Industries unveils I-80 commercial rotor

November 13, 2018By

Hunter Industries released its new I-80 commercial rotor. Designed for sports turf and large park applications, the I-80 is built with a dirt-tolerant gear drive that offers a high torque output and a radius range up to 97 feet, according to Hunter Industries. “The I-80 continues Hunter’s legacy of developing products on the forefront of irrigation technology,” said Rich Dunn,... read more

Recommender: Irrigation rotors

May 15, 2018By
irrigation rotor. Photo: Rain Bird

What irrigation rotors do you recommend and why? Jason Von Eschen Owner, Von Eschen Lawn & Landscape Wagner, S.D. “I prefer the Rain Bird 5004 rotors. I have been installing them since 2003 and have had great luck with them. The triple blade wiper seal is amazing compared to other brands that leak all too often.” Chris Husband Sprinkler Nerd,... read more

Irrigation rotors: Which do you prefer and why?

May 11, 2015By
Photo: Toro irrigation

Patrick H. Crais Blue Watchdog Conservation Cardiff, Calif. “I’m a huge fan of the Hunter I-20 rotor due to the way the nozzles are easily installed. I also like its flow stop. It’s great during an installation and it’s a helpful feature when doing inspections and having to change nozzles.” Greg Winchel Winchel Irrigation Grandville, Mich. “Our rotor of preference... read more

Toro adds five models to T5 RapidSet rotor line

March 25, 2015By

The Toro Co. added five new 3/4-in. rotor models to its T5 RapidSet Series rotor product line: the Shrub, Shrub Effluent, 12-in. High Pop, High Pop Effluent and Lawn Effluent models. The RapidSet rotors each feature a tool-free arc adjustment, which allow the arc orientation and angle to be quickly set or changed through a combination of twists of the... read more

Rotor evolution

October 22, 2014By

Rotors must deliver on two things, Brent Barkley says: “convenience and efficiency.” Which is why “rotors continue to evolve,” working toward the goal of putting an end to the days when property owners have to choose between saving water and having a well-maintained lawn, says the product manager for rotors and rotary nozzles at the Rain Bird Corp. Contractors and... read more

Rain Bird: Pressure-Regulating Rotors & Sprays

July 2, 2013By

Rain Bird’s 5000 PRS Rotors (pictured) and 1800 PRS Sprays feature Pressure Regulating Stems (PRS) with Flow Optimizer technology. By regulating water pressure at the head, this technology can help save approximately one gallon per minute per rotor or spray. It also eliminates inefficient misting or fogging for top performance. RainBird.com/prs read more