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Kawasaki: SAE Certified Engines

August 16, 2017By

Kawasaki Critical Power engines are SAE Certified for consistent, accurate horsepower. They are rated per SAE J2723, the tightest standard in the industry, so you’ll get all the hard-working capacity you expect. Kawasaki is the first turf engine to apply such a high rating standard, achieve third-party power verification, and deliver SAE Certified performance. We insist on the best. Just... read more

Kawasaki adds EFI system

November 10, 2015By

Kawasaki’s new FX730V-EFI engine will be available on select models of FX Series and FS Series engines, with plans to incorporate it in additional models. The new 2.5 hp open-loop engine features a multi-port sequential fuel injection, a high-pressure fuel system, an engine control unit that continuously monitors ambient conditions and engine performance and engine temperature monitoring to guard against overheating.... read more