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SafetyWatch: Operating a mini excavator

July 15, 2019By
Mini excavator operator (Photo: Greenius)

Things to know and rules to follow when operating a mini excavator. Know the machine’s limitations and operating characteristics. Never overload it. Always wear the seat belt, if equipped. If the mini excavator is equipped with a foldable rollover protective structure (ROPS), do not fasten the seat belt when the ROPS is in the down position. Keep in mind that... read more

SafetyWatch: Pruning know-how

April 23, 2019By

 Pruning trees or shrubs can be performed at any time during the year. Landscape pros can perform pruning if branches are in the way or if a tree or shrub has outgrown its space and poses a threat to things around it. Pruning also can involve: Trimming back small tree branches (the size that can be cut with handheld... read more

SafetyWatch: Blower safety

January 16, 2019By

Blowers are useful for cleaning debris off of sidewalks and driveways after finishing landscape work. It’s important to know how to properly operate a blower before using it. Before starting the blower, do the following: Check the blower’s condition: Is there any damage that may affect its performance or safe operation? Test the throttle trigger to make sure it’s in... read more

SafetyWatch: Safely sharpen blades

October 16, 2018By

There are a few things to keep in mind when sharpening blades. Make sure the grinder’s guards are properly in place and the tool rest is about one-eighth of an inch from the stone and sitting at a 90-degree angle from the stones as they turn. The blade needs to fit, but if the gap is too wide, the turning... read more

SafetyWatch: Generator Safety

September 10, 2018By

It’s important to keep the following safety tips in mind when using a generator. Before using a generator, you need to be sure it’s fueled up. Remember: Never add gasoline when the unit is running or when the unit is warm. Don’t fill the tank all the way to the top. Leave an inch or two so the gas has... read more

SafetyWatch: Aerator operating hazards

August 23, 2018By

There are several types of operating hazards that may occur when running an aerator. Personal hazards are hazards that may harm you, the operator. Bystander hazards are hazards that may harm co-workers or other bystanders. Property hazards may harm the equipment or other property. Don’t leave an aerator unattended. Always park it on flat ground when not in use. The... read more