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TAG: Safety Tips

SafetyWatch: Wide-area mowing preparation

February 20, 2019By

When operating a wide-area mower, keep in mind these key items to help ensure the job is performed safely and smoothly. read more

Web Extra: SafetyWatch in Spanish (workplace violence)

November 20, 2017By

The following is a Spanish version of SafetyWatch for the November 2017 issue of Landscape Management. It discusses how to avoid workplace violence. Click here for the original SafetyWatch in English or see page 14 of the magazine. Evita la violencia en el lugar de trabajo La violencia en el lugar de trabajo se define como la fuerza física, el... read more

SafetyWatch: Trim safely

October 17, 2017By

To run a trimmer safely, operators must wear various pieces of personal protection equipment. These items include safety glasses with side shields; ear plugs or muffs; gloves, if conditions call for them; pants; a shirt or jacket that fits firmly with no strings, frills or dangling straps; and approved safety shoes or boots with nonslip soles, a protected toe and... read more

OpX, safety go hand in hand

October 17, 2017By

I have a photograph in my office that shows a BrightView team member working on a client site in Louisville, Ky. It’s a beautiful photo of a landscape that shows the skill and dedication of the crews who installed and maintain it. At first glance, I’m proud of the photo, but on closer examination, I have a major issue with... read more

How BrightView does safety

October 17, 2017By

At BrightView, we have a widely distributed business, so to standardize how we operationalize safety every day in all of our branches, our leadership team has defined and developed a “Daily Safety Game Plan.” This commitment begins when our teams arrive in the morning and doesn’t end until they walk through their own front door. Preparing for work Start each... read more

SafetyWatch: Fuel container filling tips

September 20, 2017By

It’s important to train team members about fuel containers—sometimes called gas cans or jerry cans—that are typically used in the landscape business. They’re often red, and will have a “UL” mark designating them as safe to use for portable fuel storage. Some cans will be a different color to denote a different fuel. For example, diesel fuel is sometimes stored... read more