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SafetyWatch: Chainsaw safety tips

September 1, 2017By
Source: Greenius

Making a poor choice or a simple mistake when using a chainsaw can result in serious injury to you or bystanders and can cause significant property damage. Never use a chainsaw if you’re unsure of your abilities or feel unsafe. Don’t work above your skill level, and never operate a chainsaw without proper training. Consult with your manager or supervisor... read more

SafetyWatch: Walk-behind aerator operation

July 12, 2017By
Source: Greenius

Operating a walk-behind aerator, even though it’s self-propelled, requires effort, especially when turning the machine. You must raise the tines from the ground, turn the machine, then lower the lever to allow the tines to begin penetrating again. Slight, gradual turns don’t require the tines to be lifted, but if you make a sharp turn with the tines in the... read more

John Deere offers 5 mowing safety tips

July 13, 2015By

With summer in full swing, John Deere offered some tips to keep professional landscape contractors safe on hot, long days. The company says operators taking shortcuts on these tough days can lead to safety risks. Here are some things the manufacturer suggests operators avoid to stay safe on mowers this summer: Disregarding slope and edge precautions—Slow down and use extra... read more