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You can’t grow yourself to profitability

February 13, 2019By
Dollar sign (Photo: iStock.com/MicroStockHub)

Focus on profit to drive your company's growth. read more

Sell more: Make technology part of the plan

January 16, 2019By

Use technology to be disciplined and detail oriented in your sales strategy. read more

Boost the bottom line

October 17, 2017By

Carefully manage sales, gross margin and labor to better your business. As landscape business professionals, we search far and wide to discover how to run a profitable business. The talk track is predictable: “Sell more work at the right price, and manage your direct costs.” But if it’s that simple, why are so many companies struggling to boost their bottom... read more

How to manage your sales process for better results

August 4, 2017By

Picture your Monday morning sales meeting: “How are we doing in new sales?” “Good.” “Are we close to getting any new work?” “Oh yeah!” “Really?” “Yeah. Everyone I talked to loves us.” “How many is everyone?” “A bunch.” “What’s the plan for this week to get these guys?” “I have lots of meetings set up.” Perhaps I’m being overly glib,... read more

Guest post: Stop aiming so low; go after the big fish

June 20, 2017By

Why is it that so many business owners and sales professionals put forth focus and effort toward obtaining the business of small, low-margin clientele, while completely ignoring the high-dollar “big-fish” opportunities? Much could be said on this topic (and rightfully so) from a philosophical perspective. Shoot for the stars. Be all that you can be. Dream big. You know the... read more

Using consumer financing to close sales

February 11, 2016By

How offering financing could help you close more, larger sales. Would you like to increase the scale of your clients’ projects, close more jobs and avoid having to track down payments? Offering consumer financing might be an option for you, say contractors who’ve walked that path. Here, two of them share their experiences. Company: Crimson Valley Landscaping, Rockford, Ill. Financing partner:... read more