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Profit Power: Better sales management with the 5 P’s

March 8, 2022By
(Graphic: Jeffrey Scott)

Jeffrey Scott shares how an untrained sales manager can drag down the performance of your sales team and how you can remedy it. read more

Are your salespeople mediocre?

June 12, 2017By

Salespeople misrepresent how much time they spend with clients. According to a Wall Street Journal story, account managers spent only a third of their time with clients, while self-reporting they were spending much than that. Perhaps they were bad at tracking their own time or perhaps they were lying, but either way they were distracted. This same story says account... read more

5 Ps of sales management

September 28, 2015By

The tragedy of sales management is that good (sometimes great) salespeople are promoted to sales managers, where they often fail. They’re promoted to their level of incompetence. What makes a good salesperson differs from what makes a good sales manager. Sales management is a role you can’t study in school. It’s learned on the job. Yet, if you want to... read more