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Reduce your financial risk in snow management

August 15, 2019By
Dollar sign with snow (illustration: iStock.com/fatido)

Phil Harwood talks strategy by relaying to snow + ice management contractors how to reduce their financial risk in snow management. read more

Sell more: Make technology part of the plan

January 16, 2019By

Use technology to be disciplined and detail oriented in your sales strategy. read more

How to manage your sales process for better results

August 4, 2017By

Picture your Monday morning sales meeting: “How are we doing in new sales?” “Good.” “Are we close to getting any new work?” “Oh yeah!” “Really?” “Yeah. Everyone I talked to loves us.” “How many is everyone?” “A bunch.” “What’s the plan for this week to get these guys?” “I have lots of meetings set up.” Perhaps I’m being overly glib,... read more

Ep. 138: What’s your sales process?

July 30, 2015By

Joe Salemi, product marketing manager at DynaSCAPE, discusses the sales experience from the homeowner’s point of view. He also explains the importance of following a defined sales process and tracking leads to maximize your company’s sales opportunities. read more

Ep. 117: Rules of engagement

February 11, 2015By

Dave Marciniak of Describeit discusses the importance of sales cycles and evaluates on why they should be kept short. He also explains some excellent do’s and don’ts when it comes to your overall sales process. Finally, he talks about reasonable time frames for getting back to clients with a design or proposal. read more

Guest post: Doing what comes naturally

September 29, 2014By

Recently I heard a sales professional talk about his career and his approach to the sales process. His focus was all on strategy. He was super sharp and had found significant success through carefully crafting detailed plans for every sales call. He talked about how he anticipated the many potential outcomes with each call and then planned for options to... read more