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Grow with Grunder: Sales slump? Two ideas to get new leads

July 28, 2022By
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Marty Grunder shares two ideas to use to effectively target new clients and quickly get more leads for your landscape business. read more

4 sales mistakes you can’t afford to make

June 12, 2019By
Chess pieces (Photo: Le Moal)

As we all know, sales are to a landscaping company what gas is to a truck — without them, and a steady supply for the months ahead, you aren’t going anywhere for long. But succeeding at sales takes real planning and focus. This month, take a good look at your current approach and ensure you’re steering clear of these crucial... read more

High Performance: The positively negative approach to finding better prospects

April 11, 2018By

The spring season brings the potential for new customers, new properties, and new projects. This is wonderful but only if you can turn the potential opportunities into closed sales. Unfortunately, many opportunities will not result in a sale and only have the potential to drain precious resources during a very busy time of year. The key to sales success is... read more

Are your salespeople mediocre?

June 12, 2017By

Salespeople misrepresent how much time they spend with clients. According to a Wall Street Journal story, account managers spent only a third of their time with clients, while self-reporting they were spending much than that. Perhaps they were bad at tracking their own time or perhaps they were lying, but either way they were distracted. This same story says account... read more

High Performance: How badly do you want the sale?

April 11, 2017By

I recently had the opportunity to see two green industry salespeople in action, competing for my tree care business. Both companies were referred to me by my neighbors. I called each company and was pleasantly surprised that both salespeople were available to meet with me the same day about an hour apart from each other. Company A’s salesperson arrived in... read more

How to dramatically accelerate sales

December 12, 2016By

How satisfied were you with your company’s sales this year? Did you convert all the highly qualified leads that crossed your desk? To ensure your company hits its sales goals next year, and to maximize your chances of having a breakthrough year, follow the five-step sales accelerator below. 1. First, you need salespeople who are hungry and competent. Ideally, a... read more