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TAG: sales/marketing

How do I market to produce a rainfall of leads?

October 11, 2013By

To produce a rainfall of leads in the landscaping business, reengineer your mindset about marketing first; otherwise, you’ll never consistently produce enough high-quality leads to grow. Until marketing becomes a process in your business, adding new customers always will be a problem. When marketing becomes a process, it will cease to be a problem because marketing, prospecting and selling aren’t... read more

How many support staff do I need?

October 11, 2013By

I’m continually surprised and amazed by the lack of continuity in the amount of support staff per dollars of revenue among landscape business owners. It ranges from two people per $5 million to one person per $1 million. Notwithstanding the differences between design/build and maintenance, it seems there should be a standard correlation between support staff and revenue. So what’s... read more

What if I can’t sell my business?

October 11, 2013By

Often, Green Industry business owners have a tremendous percentage of their wealth tied up in their businesses. Many assume they’ll be able to sell their business when they’re ready to retire or move on to another opportunity. Unfortunately, few have actually planned how to monetize this asset when that time comes, though. Many businesses are placed on the market without... read more

Techniques for increasing spring sales Pt. 2

May 21, 2013By

Last month, Landscape Management published Part 1 of this post. Now, here is Part 2, a collection of more important ways you can stay on the right track this season. 1. Find out how they make decisions. It is important to know that you are speaking to the decision maker. But it is not always polite to outright ask. In this case... read more


November 16, 2012By

LandOpt works with successful, independently owned landscape contractors on whole business improvement. LandOpt’s goal for your business in providing systems and processes for sales/marketing, operations, human resources and business systems, along with role specific training and on-site coaching, is that of helping to create profitable growth, improved productivity and defined career paths for your team members.  Based in exclusive territories,... read more