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Meeting prep for successful salespeople

May 12, 2015By
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While riding to a sales call, I asked the young salesman, “What’s the goal for this meeting?” Meet with the guy! “What’s your agenda?” Talk about the job! “Why should he hire you?” Because he likes us! “OK, but what objections might he have to hiring you?” What do you mean—objections? “If he has objections, what’s your negotiation strategy?” What... read more

How to be direct in sales

August 4, 2014By

At the end of a sales presentation the words, “We like your numbers; we’ll get back to you,” are the kiss of death. It’s in this case my third habit of successful salespeople—be direct—would come into play. (See Web Extra for all six habits.) Selling is a process of successive trial closes designed to manage the prospect’s “objections” and help... read more

The simple sales pitch

February 10, 2014By

I received a lot of good feedback from my last column about the habits of successful salesmen. Thanks! There were many requests to provide more ideas on each of these habits, so here it goes. The first habit is “keep the sales pitch simple.” In sales you’ll have greater success focusing on customer benefits over service features. For instance, telling the prospect... read more