The 99 percent

June 11, 2015By

Small business is difficult to define. What do you consider to be a small landscape company? A million dollars in annual revenue is a convenient benchmark because many entrepreneurs romanticize about making their first million. Others, anecdotally, peg $3 million as a better benchmark of “making it” in this industry because one can apparently get to $1 million or even... read more

SBA reaffirms landscape standard is $7 million

January 7, 2013By
logo: SBA

WASHINGTON—According to the website SellMyGreenBusiness.com, the U.S. Small Business Administration recently re-evaluated the size standard to qualify as a small business. For landscaping companies, it reaffirmed the existing size standard of $7 million in average annual receipts over the preceding three years. For pest management companies, it increased the standard from $7 million to $10 million. Read the original post... read more