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Profit Power: Stop waiting for immigration reform

May 20, 2019By

LM columnist Jeffrey Scott explains how landscape company owners can take control of their labor situation with recruiting and a strong financial strategy. read more

Government Affairs: Riding the H-2B roller coaster

April 6, 2015By

For many landscape contractors, having a good season depends on getting their H-2B workers on time and in the numbers they requested. This season has been challenging, to say the least, for those expecting to fill out their spring and summer crews with H-2B workers. H-2B is the federal guest worker program that grants temporary work visas to nonagricultural seasonal... read more

Throwback Thursday: May 1990

May 1, 2014By

To the workers, especially those of younger generations, it’s just a summer job. To the business owner, it’s sometimes seen as an opportunity for those workers to prove themselves in the industry, providing somewhat of a shoo-in into leadership roles later on. The trouble nowadays, among other things, is those younger generations aren’t as interested in working outdoors—this has been hashed... read more

Throwback Thursday: April 2006

March 20, 2014By

“In the pre-dawn glow of the security lights on Monterrey’s Ocampo Street, the hopefuls arrive, lugging duffel bags and pulling small suitcases behind them. Many spent the previous night in a nearby hotel. For $12 each they get a clean place to sleep four to a room and a couple of simple but filling meals. The overnight stay is needed... read more

Outlook 2006: Prepare for new H-2B push

December 1, 2005By

Effort to extend the Act that provides for additional seasonal immigrant workers begins again soon. read more