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High Performance: Marketing strategies that reap results

February 13, 2017By

As I mentioned in last month’s blog post, marketing strategies are often ignored as marketers are in a rush to focus on marketing tactics. This is a big mistake. A key part of a marketing strategy is segmentation and targeting. Marketers who miss this important step are often disappointed with their marketing results and don’t know why. Without properly segmenting... read more

Habits of successful salespeople: lists

November 7, 2014By

Successful commercial landscape salespeople work from lists. In today’s hyper-paced world, you cannot keep it all in your head. So unless you have a photographic memory and are a professional juggler, you will drop more balls than you keep in the air. At a more practical level, you can’t sell what you can’t see. The best salespeople create lists to... read more

Marketing/Tech: The Amazon effect of segmenting consumers

June 30, 2014By

Amazon has built an empire by providing its consumers with a range of products, becoming a one-stop shop for most people’s entertainment needs. The amazing thing is it didn’t achieve this lofty status by advertising ad nauseam to the masses. Instead it focused on segmenting its consumers online and building a remarkably customized experience for each consumer. Like Amazon, you... read more