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Grow your Green: Are you selling a commodity or a service?

November 29, 2021By
Person calculating value (Photo: jakhut / iStock / Getty Images / Getty Images Plus)

Landscape Management columnist Greg Herring digs into why landscapers should reframe their thinking that they're selling a service, not selling hours. read more

Communication Coach: Trust your instincts to grow client relationships

March 2, 2021By

One of my longtime landscaping clients kicked off our relationship by informing me that wherever he lives his landscaping always sets the standard. He wanted us to create a showplace whose beauty would be appreciated by all of his family, friends, and neighbors. Of course, we loved the idea and enthusiastically sought to make it happen. When we sat down... read more

Communication Coach: How the right words predictably sell

April 25, 2018By

  I get it. Writing is not your thing. You would rather craft your message with a video. That’s your preferred communication medium. Or maybe you like to use snapshots on Instagram to tell your story. What matters is finding a medium that you are comfortable using. Just keep in mind that whether your message is written, spoken or communicated... read more

Profit Power: Quicken your response times

July 21, 2015By

Imagine if you could respond twice as fast as your competitors to a client request or new lead inquiry. What advantage would it give you in the long run? This week I’m leading a peer group meeting in Michigan, and we’re discussing new selling techniques. The underlying theme in our discussions is speeding up response time. Slow response time (or... read more

Prepare, present and close

April 1, 2015By

Master the tricks of a perfect kitchen-table presentation. Public speaking or giving presentations is a nerve-wracking experience for most people. It requires confidence, concentration and knowledge of your subject matter. It also requires experience. If you’re not comfortable making a presentation to a customer, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Over the years I’ve literally given thousands of presentations to homeowners... read more

Case study: Staged to sell

March 12, 2015By
Photo: Schmechtig Landscapes

One landscape company helps clients sell their homes. As Michael Schmechtig observed real estate staging become popular and help sell homes, he got an idea. Buyers get their first impression of a home before they even get through the door—so why not stage the exterior? He put the idea in motion in 2010, when his company, Schmechtig Landscapes in Mundelein,... read more