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Georgia company designs sensory garden for speech center

May 19, 2015By

The Fockele Garden Co., based in Gainesville, Ga., designed and built a sensory garden at the Northeast Georgia Speech Center in Gainesville. The garden stimulates each of the five senses: sound, smell, site, touch and taste. The sensory garden is designed to give the Speech Center another way of assisting students with speech and hearing developmental issues. “Sensory gardens engage... read more

Ruppert installs sensory garden for Baltimore school

September 22, 2014By

Sixty Ruppert Landscape employees installed a sensory garden for students and faculty of the Southwest Baltimore Charter School (SBCS) Sept. 18. In total, nearly 300-production hours and $32,000 worth of time and materials was donated toward the project, which included demolition, excavation, grading and fencing work along with the installation of pavers, sod, perennials, grasses, groundcover, shrubs and trees. Educational... read more