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Marketing Mojo: Be a friend to win with SEO

September 8, 2020By
Person working on computer (Photo: Hakinmahn/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

Landscape Management columnist Jeff Korhan explains how companies can be successful in an increasingly SEO-dependent world. read more

Optimize your website

April 1, 2015By

Often I’m asked for my opinion on creating a properly optimized website and what areas to focus on during the process. If there’s one thing I strive to teach my students in every marketing class I teach, it’s that what you or your coworkers want is irrelevant. It’s all about what your consumer wants. Get the opinions of your typical... read more

Direct mail’s secret sauce

November 1, 2014By

Many landscape professionals have a certain attitude about good old-fashioned direct mail marketing: “I tried it once before and it didn’t work.” The keyword here is once. Do-it-yourself business owners tend to look at marketing as a one-shot exercise. Send out 5,000 direct mail pieces one time, and get 500 new clients, right? Well, I wish it were that easy,... read more

Marketing/tech: 5 WordPress add-ons

September 11, 2014By
Logo: Word Press

WordPress is one of the most popular website hosts for small businesses due to its customizability and ease of use. In fact, the majority of Green Industry companies I speak with rely on this tool to manage the content of their website. However, every website can use a bit of improving. Here, we’ll examine five WordPress add-ons that can take... read more

How to understand SEO

October 23, 2012By

Search engine optimization (SEO) seems like such a dirty term, yet it has a tantalizing, almost magical, aura about it. SEO doesn’t require a degree in rocket science, but it requires a basic understanding of how search engines work and a healthy dose of common sense. SEO isn’t easy. An ongoing effort is required to rank consistently in the search... read more