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TAG: Seth Godin

Communication Coach: Live by the calendar to create generous marketing

January 30, 2019By

I was doing some discovery work with a new client, our first meeting together. She said, “Marketing is difficult.” Marketing used to be easy. You could pay for an ad and recoup its cost plus a profit. This was the power of a full-color Yellow Page ad. The more you paid the more you got back in return. Marketing is... read more

Bruce’s view: Competence or commodity?

August 7, 2015By

True or false: To be successful, an account manager or business developer needs a degree in horticulture or experience in landscape maintenance. False. Here’s why: A company can have people with a lack of landscape or horticultural knowledge as long as there is a depth and sharing of that knowledge in the company. As investment bankers, venture capitalists and corporate... read more

What I’m Reading Wednesday: Secret sauce, safety and being remarkable

December 4, 2013By

I was on the road this week and I used my airport time to catch up on my RSS feeds and even dive into an actual hard-bound book, which I share with you below. “5 Reasons You Need to Give Away the Recipe for Your Secret Sauce” Convince & Convert Not long ago a lawn care professional told me about... read more

What I’m Reading Wednesday: Seth Godin, watersheds and Facebook

October 30, 2013By

Here’s what I have queued up for you today (er, tonight): “Room at the top” Seth’s blog Seth Godin needs no introduction. Many entrepreneurs, and in turn many of our readers, have read at least one of his books (Purple Cow, anyone?). I’ve actually never read one of his books, but I’ve kept up with his blog for years and I... read more

A landscape company game changer

December 20, 2012By

Inbound marketing has transformed the way Weed Pro does business. If 2012 WERE A BASKETBALL SEASON for Weed Pro, it would have been a rebuilding year. But not a typical rebuilding year—when losing is the norm and the team’s pinning its hopes on landing a star in next year’s draft. It would be more like an L.A. Lakers rebuilding year,... read more

Perfection obsession?

August 1, 2010By

I recently noticed something in my daughter’s behavior that concerns me. Before we leave a room, she likes to put certain toys away. And she’s very particular. The bear must be seated to the right of the elephant and the doll must have her shoes on. And all of the toy drawers must be closed — all the way. Not... read more