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Editor’s note: Another small step

January 16, 2019By
Seth Jones (Photo: LM staff)

Seth Jones introduces himself to readers of Landscape Management. read more

Getting to know the new man in charge of LM

January 9, 2019By
Photo: Seth Jones

Hello Landscape Management readers! Our digital editor, Kelly Limpert, suggested I introduce myself to you all … I have a more formal introduction (formal might be the wrong word … very little of what I do is formal) in my first column in the January issue of LM. This is more of a get-to-know your new LM editor-in-chief, Seth …... read more

LM debuts new look at GIE+EXPO

October 27, 2014By

On the cusp of and amid GIE+EXPO, LM unveiled a fully redesigned magazine. Here’s how the team rolled out its new look. For more on the redesign, read the Editor’s Note from the October issue.   read more

Managing those ‘that’s not my job’ employees

April 4, 2014By

This column’s headline is a phrase I’ve cringed at since my first experience as a manager. For several years, starting at age 17, I supervised a staff of about 10 other teenagers at a time as a Dairy Queen shift manager. I’d started working there three years earlier. It was my first job and, as such, it was my introductory... read more

RISE meeting looks to the future

August 28, 2013By

Futurist Jack Uldrich advises pesticide association of major changes on the way; pollinator label a major topic of discussion. Be prepared to unlearn basic things you know, because the future is here and with it will come leaps in such things as nanotechnology, robotics, gene sequencing and computer processing power. So says Jack Uldrich, futurist, best-selling author and keynote speaker... read more