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Grasshopper: MidMount Model 325D

May 15, 2014By

The diesel-powered, 25 hp engine of the Grasshopper MidMount Model 325D is fuel-efficient and powerful. It saves up to 900 gallons of fuel every 1,000 hours of use, according to the company. The mower features a DuraMax deck and an optional PowerVac Collection System, mulch package, edger, dethatcher and shielded sprayer. grasshoppermower.com read more

Grasshopper Mower: Shielded Sprayer

August 20, 2013By

Apply pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers more effectively and efficiently with a Shielded Sprayer for Grasshopper zero-turn mowers. The patented design contains the spray pattern for on-target application, even in windy conditions. The independent suspension and dolly wheels follow ground contours for precise and even spray application. Each spray chamber features four spray nozzles, which provide uniform coverage by applying finer... read more