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Face to Face takeaways from 2014

December 16, 2014By

One year. Five companies. Hundreds of takeaways. With the 2014 Face to Face series drawn to a close, JP Horizons President Jim Paluch pulled together Smart Company participants for a teleconference Dec. 12 to boil down some of their top observations throughout the year. Smart Companies are the sponsors of the events. The notion for Face to Face is for... read more

H-2B or not H-2B: Contractors affected by the visa program

January 1, 2012By

That sigh of relief you might have heard late last month was the collective exhalation from contractors across the country expressing their relief that two rule changes that would drastically alter the H-2B visiting worker program were put on hold until later this year. On December 16, Congress included language as part of its spending bill that delayed the change... read more