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SiteOne rolls out 3 new turf maintenance products

February 6, 2019By

SiteOne Landscape Supply introduces LESCO NOS, LESCO CarbonPRO-L and LESCO CarbonPro-G. All three new turf maintenance products utilize the latest agronomic technology to maximize turf performance for landscape contractors and their crews. “The new LESCO fertilizers maximize water and nutrient efficiency through varying delivery mechanisms so contractors can find products that align with their nutrition and greening goals,” said John... read more

Arizona-based distributor joins SiteOne

January 9, 2019By

SiteOne Landscape Supply acquired Cutting Edge Curbing Sand & Rock, a distributor of hardscapes and landscape supplies in Phoenix. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. “Cutting Edge is a great fit with SiteOne as it expands our geographical presence across the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area,” said Doug Black, chairman and CEO of SiteOne Landscape Supply. “This marks our first... read more

SiteOne acquires 2 California distributors

December 11, 2018By

SiteOne Landscape Supply acquired California-based All Around Landscape Supply and Santa Ynez Stone & Topsoil. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. “All Around and Santa Ynez Stone are a great fit with SiteOne as they expand our geographical presence in California to Santa Barbara County,” said Doug Black, chairman and CEO of SiteOne Landscape Supply. “This acquisition aligns with... read more

SiteOne launches e-commerce website for quick ordering

December 11, 2018By
SiteOne logo

SiteOne Landscape Supply launched a mobile-friendly e-commerce website that allows customers to place orders from anywhere, any time. read more

SiteOne launches new GPS-guided precision spray system

November 5, 2018By

SiteOne Landscape Supply released its new LESCO Smart Guided precision spray system, a GPS-guided system. Designed for turf spaces where a commercial spreader would be used—such as large estates, municipalities and public areas—the Smart Guided System can connect with most common sprayers. “The LESCO Smart Guided system is about working more efficiently,” said John Gertz, vp category management, agronomics at... read more

SiteOne releases LESCO CarbonPro-L with MobilEX

October 30, 2018By

SiteOne Landscape Supply released LESCO CarbonPro-L with MobilEX, a liquid biological soil amendment. CarbonPro can be tank mixed with fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides when applied to turf and landscape plantings. The multisolution product deepens and strengthens roots; helps with stress recovery and prevention; improves greening; assists with seed establishment; prevents chlorosis, the yellow/loss of greening of turf; supports establishment of... read more