A greener land: The SITES Pilot Program

March 1, 2012By

The Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) Pilot Program has a certain obstacle course-like excitement to it. It’s like the Amazing Race of the landscape world, without the race. At a time when the landscape industry is increasingly turning to sustainable practices and LEED-certified buildings, the SITES Pilot Program is shedding new light on the importance of practicing ecological responsibility outside — on property.... read more

First projects certified by SITES national rating system for sustainable landscapes

February 22, 2012By

Three projects certified for sustainable design, construction and maintenance.   The Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) has announced the first three projects to be certified by what it says is the nation’s most comprehensive system for rating the sustainable design, construction and maintenance of built landscapes. The corporate headquarters of an international manufacturing company, a new university green space and a children’s playground... read more

Will this be the greenest building on the greenest site in the U.S.?

April 18, 2011By

The $7.8 million, 24,350-sq.-ft. Phipps Conservatory’s Center for Sustainable Landscapes in Pittsburgh, PA, will be “one of the greenest buildings in the world,” says Richards V. Piacentini, executive director. It should be complete sometime next year. It will sit on 2.65 acres of property behind the conservatory and serve as the conservatory’s education, research and administration building. It’s the first... read more