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TAG: small business

Ep. 7: Buy, Sell, Hold – What should you do with your business?

January 16, 2013By

Kevin Kehoe of Three Point Group talks about how his company helps landscape contractors with strategic planning, profit improvement, valuation services and business exit strategies. Kehoe is a leading authority on these topics who artfully explains what you need to think about in order to grow your business and/or prepare it for sale. It doesn’t matter if your exit strategy... read more

Ep. 2: Have a business breakthrough, not a nervous breakdown

November 28, 2012By

If your business growth has slowed dramatically or stalled, the new economy may not be to blame! There’s a very good chance that you’re just stuck at one of the natural plateaus that plagues most landscape contractors. How you decide to manage your business right now can make the difference between propelling your business to the next level or remaining... read more