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Rain Bird launches new smart controllers

June 27, 2022By

Rain Bird launched a pair of new smart irrigation controllers, the ESP-LXME2 and ESP-LXME2 PRO Controllers. They can be retrofit to LXME and LXMEF models. read more

Why we need to conserve water for our future

June 6, 2022By
Water management strategies need to reflect current water restrictions, availability of materials, rising water costs and more. (Photo: MaYcaL/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

Max Moreno explains different strategies, solutions and goals to conserve water as the urgency to do so becomes more relevant. read more

Water World: Control the flow

February 14, 2022By
Photo: O’Connell Landscape Maintenance

To reduce water usage and utility costs, OLM replaced the existing irrigation controllers and installed 40 Hunter ACC Module smart controllers. read more

One irrigation contractor shares his experience with smart controllers

December 14, 2021By
Train the techs: Be sure technicians are trained on how to properly handle irrigation technology. (Photo: Serpico Landscaping)

Peter Novak, CEO and president of Serpico Landscaping in Hayward, Calif., gives his take on using smart irrigation controllers. read more

Jain Irrigation shows off AI-powered controller at Jain Unity Day

March 11, 2020By

At its Unity event on March 3 in Novato, Calif., Jain Irrigation launched its newest product, Jain Unity, an automatic irrigation control system and environmental data services platform. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics and building on ETWater technolgoy, Unity decides when and how much an irrigation system needs to operate, allowing for as much available rainfall or... read more

Rain Bird: ESP-LX-IVM two-wire controller

February 15, 2020By

Rain Bird’s new ESP-LX-IVM Series two-wire controllers are designed to handle the needs of demanding commercial sites with up to 240 stations. An Integrated Valve Module (IVM) with a “smart valve,” eliminates the need for a decoder, requiring half the number of wire splices. The IVM stays in constant communication with the controller, providing more efficient irrigation and advanced diagnostics.... read more