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LMN: The 4 o’clock 4 planning app

March 31, 2016By

LMN released 4 o’clock 4, a daily planning app for smartphone users. This new app is available for free at the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. The app offers a simple way to communicate daily job updates. According to LMN, it will boost productivity, force managers to eliminate/reduce waste and obstacles, and improve communication between the field and the office. Users will... read more

Master Manufacturing releases smartphone app to help users calculate liquid needs

March 25, 2016By

Master Manufacturing, a brand of Valley Industries, released the free Spraying Simple app, available for download on iPhone & Android phones. The Spraying Simple app helps applicators determine how much liquid they need for a particular spray job. The app also features a speedometer function to monitor speed for proper application rate. To start, walk or map your spray area. Then... read more

Uber for the Green Industry

August 4, 2014By

“Do you know what Uber is?” I’ve found myself asking people that question often over the last few months as I’ve worked on the cover story for this issue of LM. No, not uber, the German word for “over.” Uber, with a capital U. If you’re not in the know: Uber is a smartphone app that connects people who need... read more

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting: vPro Transformer

July 7, 2014By

Vista’s new vPro Solid State Transformer and proprietary smartphone app gives homeowners complete control of landscape lighting. The vPro Transformer’s lightweight, stainless steel design is low profile, easy to handle, has installation flexibility and maintains aesthetic quality. Solid-state technology eliminates stepping, ensuring smooth, fluid lighting adjustments from zero percent to fully bright for any light source—LED or Halogen—or lamp brand. Using the accompanying app... read more