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Snow + Ice Guide: On the home front

May 28, 2013By

Three snow contractors put a new twist on winter’s residential market.   When winter’s icy tendrils snake their way through the northern part of the country, many contractors put the mowers away and attach plows to the fronts of their trucks. But today they’re doing so on the heels of a couple seasons where snowfall was erratic and unpredictable. In... read more

Snow and ice guide: User (and profit) friendly

August 11, 2012By

Phil Harwood wasn’t buying into technology when he was a principal of a major Green Industry company 10 years ago, but he wouldn’t go without it if he were in the business today. Harwood, president of Pro-Motion Consulting, has seen how far job-tracking system functionality has come. Business technology has come so far, the way companies manage equipment and personnel... read more