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TAG: snow management

SnowEx Liqui Maxx Sprayers

September 15, 2015By

The Liqui Maxx™ spray system from SnowEx® offers a highly customizable equipment solution for liquid anti-icing and de-icing. With its modular tank, pump and boom design, it allows snow and ice professionals to build their own sprayers to accommodate their unique needs. Available in 300-, 500-, 750- and 1,250-gallon sizes, the polyethylene tanks include a sump for complete draining. A... read more

Kioti Front Mount Snowblower

September 10, 2015By

The Kioti Front Mount Snowblower offers quick hitch, front mount to a sub-frame, and operates on a mid-PTO drive. There are five models, with cutting width ranging from 50 to 72 in.  The loader joystick controls lift, lowering and chute rotation. Each snowblower operates on PTO horsepower ranging from 15 to 40 hp, has four blades and has auger diameter... read more

Filling buckets

August 11, 2015By

Carrying an evenly distributed load is much easier than hauling an uneven load. Imagine carrying a 
single bucket of water, switching hands to alleviate the strain one side or the other. Now imagine carrying two buckets of water—one in each hand. Regardless of the weight, two buckets are preferable to one because of the weight distribution. The same could be... read more

Extinguishing burnout

August 9, 2015By

How to keep long hours and stressful work from plaguing snow employees. Last winter, the East Coast was battered with snowstorms. In late November, after the city got more than six feet of snow, the Buffalo Bills paid fans $10 an hour plus game tickets to help shovel snow in and around the stadium. Bangor, Maine, saw its second snowiest... read more

Ep. 110: Today’s snow and ice manager

December 18, 2014By

Robert Smart of Smart Scapes, Rich Arlington & Associates and SIMA discusses why snow plowing is now referred to as risk management. According to Smart, snow and ice managers are similar to firemen and emergency medical technicians (EMT’s). They always need to be fully prepared for any situation and ready to go when a snow storm hits. This includes fully... read more