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Why snow mold prevention is important

October 18, 2021By

Ken Hutto, Ph.D., product development manager for herbicides and fungicides for FMC, shares why preventative applications are important, mistakes LCOs might make in management and more. read more

Why fall is the time for snow mold control

September 7, 2021By
Snow mold in a lawn (Photo: Brian Aynardi, Ph.D., PBI-Gordon Corp.)

When it comes to snow mold prevention, now is the time to start thinking ahead and communicating with your customers, experts say. read more

Break the (snow) mold

October 9, 2020By
Snow mold damage on lawn (Photo: Grasshopper Lawns)

Lawn care operators from Grasshopper Lawns and Spring Touch Lawn & Pest Control offer insights on how to disrupt the cycle of snow mold. read more

Smother out snow mold

October 9, 2019By
Snow mold damage (Photo: PBI-Gordon Corp.)

There are two types of snow mold that lawn care operators (LCOs) should be on the lookout for: pink snow mold, caused by the ascomycete fungus microdochium nivale, and gray snow mold, caused by two basidiomycete fungi, typhula incarnata and typhula ishikariensis. Take a look at a few ways to spot — and control — the persistent disease. Identification: Snow... read more