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Growth Products: Companion Biological Fungicide

August 4, 2014By

Formulated to fight a broad range of soil and leaf fungal disease, Companion is now available in improved packaging. The ROYAL Blue bottle protects the product from ultraviolet light. The F-style handle makes it easier to use and pour. The heavy HDPE material will survive the toughest handling and worst storage conditions. Companion is available in four different package sizes,... read more

Throwback Thursday: February 1994

March 27, 2014By

Spring has sprung. At least that’s what our calendars tell us. Even as it’s yet to be in the air, the masses are preparing for the warm weather to come. For me, this means looking up the best deals for a pedicure to show off my new sandals. For landscape professionals, this might mean giving customers the best deal to... read more

How to prosper with perennials

May 19, 2012By

By Jamie Gooch Even clients who want  low-maintenance plantings can benefit from a perennial service plan. Perennials have long been the middle child of lawncare. Stuck between attention-hungry turf and the boastful blooms of annuals, perennials have dutifully emerged, year after year. That low-maintenance dependability is a trait that many homeowners seek in a landscape, and because breeders have been... read more