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Observations from the Peanut Gallery

September 6, 2010By

By: Ron Hall Most of you probably aren’t old enough to remember the Peanut Gallery. In the 1950s the Peanut Gallery was the small group of children comprising the studio audience during broadcasts of the Howdy Dowdy Show. The children, perched in rows on bleachers just off camera, delightedly reacted to the antics of the show’s puppet characters — Howdy Dowdy,... read more

Get on the ball and register for the STMA Conference

November 23, 2009By

By: Ron Hall “In managing turfgrass, your only goal is perfection. The closer you get to perfection, the more obvious your imperfections and the more difficult and more expensive they are to correct. If you keep that in perspective, you will keep your sanity.” — James Beard, Ph.D., president and chief researcher for the International Sports Turf Institute The approaching Sports Turf... read more