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5 keys to trouble-free reels

July 26, 2021By
Man operating spray rig (Photo: Hannay Reels)

Truck-mounted or fixed, reel systems can withstand harsh outdoor environments with occasional, basic care. Here's a look at how. read more

What’s in a spray setup?

March 29, 2021By
Spray setup (Photo: Green Lawn Fertilizing)

An inside look at custom-built spray setups from lawn care companies Green Lawn Fertilizing and Roots Turf and Ornamental. read more

Graham Spray Equipment adds new rig to its lineup

May 8, 2018By

Graham Spray Equipment added the GSE LawnScaper rig to its lineup. “More and more of our customers are landscapers who want to add lawn, tree and shrub care so they can be a full-service business,” said Dave Arnett, Graham’s sales manager. “With the LawnScaper, we can give them a rig that’s safe and meets all their needs.” The LawnScaper accommodates... read more

Graham Spray Equipment: GSE 400 Unit

April 5, 2017By

The GSE 400-gal. spray unit offers more room for your advertising but occupies only 11 1/2-in. more bed space than Graham Spray Equipment’s smaller 300-gal. unit. Put this highly durable, highly efficient rugged spray rig on your lawn spray truck and you can generate well over $200,000 in annual revenue. Check out all of the spray rigs at or call 1-800-543-2810... read more

Graham Spray Equipment unveils two new lawn-spray units

November 1, 2016By

Graham Spray Equipment rolled out its new 600-gallon spray rig and 300-gallon compact unit. The spray equipment is designed to meet the needs of lawn-spray businesses that don’t need all the capacity and features of Graham’s full-scale 600- and 300-gallon spray units, the company said. “Some companies and independent guys who want to spray lawns don’t need all the capacity and features required for... read more

Graham Spray Equipment launches spray rig videos

July 11, 2014By

Graham Spray Equipment released three videos on its website. The videos allow people to learn more about the components the spray rig manufacturer uses in constructing and customizing its units and to view the actual build of a spray rig. “We’re excited about the videos,” says Graham owner Dick Bare. “They tell the story of the care and quality that... read more