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Hannay Reels debuts new MS-1000 spray reel for tighter spaces

May 2, 2023By
(Photo: Hannay Reels)

This new spray reel is designed to fit in smaller areas and tight spaces with features such as mounting holes inside the reel. read more

Why everything you know about spraying products bears repeating — again

April 21, 2023By
(Photo: Imagesines/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

Brett Corbett reviews application topics such as target pests, product selection, equipment and application conditions and shares strategies to get the most out of every application. read more

Hilltip’s new deicing sprayers feature electric-driven high-flow pumps

April 18, 2023By
(Photo: Hilltip)

Hilltip’s new sprayers range from 500 to 3,2500 gallons for high performance and are suited for municipalities and large contractors. read more

Best practices for tank mixing to ensure sprayers and spreader-sprayers success

February 28, 2023By
If objects get stuck in the tank system or if an operator leaves products in the tank for an extended amount of time, it will shorten the life of the pump and filters. (Photo: Turfco)

Experts share ways that lawn care operators can avoid issues by properly tank mix products to keep equipment running longer. read more

Milwaukee Tool launches interchangeable tank system, backpack sprayer

January 18, 2019By

Milwaukee Tool debuted the M18 Switch Tank. The M18 Switch Tank is an interchangeable sprayer and water supply system, which includes an interchangeable 4-gallon backpack sprayer. The tank’s powered base provides power to the backpack sprayer and has a frame with wide straps for comfort during extended spraying applications. “Through its unique interchangeable tank system design, users can add on... read more

Z-Spray: Z-Max

December 31, 2018By

The Z-Max is our largest and most productive sprayer/spreader. This commercial spreader is large enough to handle large commercial properties, yet agile enough for residential properties. The Z-Max features 320-lb. granular fertilizer capacity and an industry leading 60-gal. liquid capacity. The Z-Spray chassis is made from 304 stainless steel. We use quality components from name brand companies. All of our... read more