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The Andersons reveals a new spreader

November 6, 2019By
Photo: LM Staff

 Mike Anderson, marketing manager for The Andersons, shows Landscape Management magazine the newest spreader from The Andersons — a spreader so new, it doesn’t have a name yet. Check out the video to learn more.   View more content from GIE+EXPO. ICYMI: Mulch Mate expands lineup with two new products | GIE+EXPO 2019     ICYMI: Meet KR Chariot... read more

Spyker rolls out new spreaders

April 1, 2018By

Jeffersonville, Ind.-based Spyker and parent Brinly-Hardy Co. released its new ERGO-PRO series spreaders. The ERGO-PRO series is offered in 50-, 80- and 100-pound spreader capacities. The ERGO-PRO series showcases a new hopper geometry that virtually eliminates bridging, allowing all materials to flow to empty, the company said. Fewer stops are required with a fill-to-level resting angle and a stability-improved support... read more

Turfco: T3100 Spreader Sprayer

April 18, 2016By

The T3100 is Turfco’s most durable, productive spreader/sprayer yet, ideal for use on both residential and commercial properties. It’s the only machine capable of fitting through a 36-inch gate and covering up to 132,000 square feet per fill. The T3100 features hands-free speed control, an easy-to-operate steering wheel, industry-leading spray system and the most accurate hard trim. A lower center... read more

Poly-Caster Hopper Spreader

December 8, 2015By

The Fisher Poly-Caster hopper spreader is built to match material delivery and spread pattern to surface conditions with the ease of turning a dial. Available in three sizes — 1.5-, 1.8- and 2.5-cubic yards — the corrosion-free poly hopper comes standard with an overlapping cover to protect material from the elements and to protect the operator’s vehicle from spills during... read more

Bobcat unveils new spreader

October 27, 2015By
photo: Bobcat

Bobcat has broadened its utility vehicle attachment line with a new spreader, available for model year 15 3400, 3600 and 3650 utility vehicles. This is the first spreader attachment designed for use with select Bobcat utility vehicles, and is specially fitted for the cargo box. The spreader is mounted in the utility vehicle’s cargo box and is designed to spread... read more

Step by Step: Calibrate a broadcast spreader

July 21, 2015By

To make sure your clients get good results, properly calibrate your broadcast spreaders. You’ll need an open turf area, tape measure, flags, scale, bucket, calculator, pencil and paper. First, adjust the spreader to the 
recommended settings on the product’s label. -Place the bucket on the scale, and record its weight. Then, pour the product in the bucket until there is... read more