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Steel Green Manufacturing: Save 5% on 2019 Sprayer/Spreaders

September 14, 2019By

Have you been waiting to buy a Steel Green sprayer/spreader? Now is the time! While supplies last, we’re taking 5% off MSRP on all 2019 models. SG52: was $12,195—now $11,585 SG46: was $11,795—now $11,205 SG36: was $11,395—now $10,825 With its 21-horsepower engine, 60-gallon spray capacity, and 225-pound granular system, the SG52 is one of the most powerful and productive ride-on... read more

Curtis Industries unveils its Fast-Cast 600 spreader

January 24, 2019By

Curtis Industries released the Fast-Cast 600 spreader, designed to fit the bed length and weight restrictions of most UTVs. The Fast-Cast 600 is ideal for bagged ice melt and rock salt on applications such as sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and bike paths, according to the company. It can also be used with a 50/50 salt and sand mixture with the... read more

SafetyWatch: Spread safely

June 18, 2018By

A fertilizer spreader is used to apply fertilizer and other granular products to surfaces. Other products might include granular pesticides, grass seed, pelletized topdressings or even de-icing products for winter walkway use. A fertilizer spreader, when properly maintained, will spread these products evenly and consistently over the surface of the ground. Parts of a fertilizer spreader include: The hopper; The... read more

Echo unveils 2 large-capacity spreaders

May 2, 2018By

Echo unveiled its RB-80 and RB-100S large-capacity turf application spreaders. Featuring sturdy steel frames and maintenance-free gear casing, both models are intended for turf applications such as seeds, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, but can also be used for other free-flowing materials such as ice melt. The spreaders’ oversized hopper contains a patented auger to help aid clumps of material to... read more

SnowEx: Tailgate Pro SP-575X and SP-1075X spreaders

July 13, 2016By

The SnowEx Tailgate Pro SP-575X and SP-1075X spreaders offer hopper capacities of 5.75 and 10.75 cubic feet, respectively. They can apply salt and de-icing materials to roads, driveways, parking lots and recreational paths. Allowing material spread width adjustment up to 40 feet, the enhanced spreader control is more compact. A redesigned electrical system makes the control less obtrusive in the cab... read more

SnowEx Bulk Pro spreaders

March 15, 2016By

The new SnowEx Bulk Pro SP-1575 and SP-1875 spreaders offer hopper capacities of 5.25 and 9 cubic feet, respectively, ideal for maintaining roads, parking lots and driveways. A redesigned electrical system with fewer wires is less obtrusive in the cab. The innovative control allows for independent spinner speed and flow volume calibration. Spread width is variable up to 30 feet on... read more