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TAG: Spring

High Performance: Excelling in a compressed spring

May 8, 2018By

  Many of you in the northern regions have been affected by late spring snow storms, pushing back the transition to spring work. While we have no control over the weather, we do have control over how we respond. As my pastor says, “Our response is our responsibility.” So, what can we do? How can we take advantage of the... read more

High Performance: Leverage the spring walk-through

April 11, 2016By

One of the most important property visits is the initial one in the spring. If performed effectively, the spring walk-through will yield enormous benefits in terms of quality, efficiency and enhancement sales. The initial spring walk-through serves multiple purposes. First, it’s an opportunity to identify areas to address with crews–maintenance, enhancement and construction crews, depending on the job—in order to... read more

John Deere shares 5 tips for taking advantage of downtime

February 4, 2016By

Winter is here and many landscape contractors have packed up their businesses for the year. However, warmer weather is around the corner, and John Deere wants to ensure contractors take the necessary steps to maximize their uptime for the first mow of 2016. Take advantage of winter downtime with these five tips from John Deere: Clean your machines—Prior to storing... read more

High Performance: The season of stress

May 12, 2015By

My first spring in the green industry was in 1985. I was a co-assistant manager for a large regional lawn and garden retailer. With only a few months of training under my belt and no prior experience in the green industry, I was completely unprepared for the onslaught of the spring season and the stress it would create. There have... read more

Ep. 123: From white to green

March 26, 2015By

Danny Kindergan, president of Kindergan Landscaping, talks about how he transitions his company from snow and ice management to landscape maintenance and design/build. He also discusses staffing, equipment and scheduling issues as makes the transition from one season to the next. Most importantly, he stresses the importance of having all equipment working 100 percent before seasonal employees return.   read more

High Performance: 60 days and dwindling

January 12, 2015By

Looking at the calendar, there are 60 business days from Jan. 5 to March 27. Where I come from, a typical spring landscape season begins the first week of April. For many of you, you may only have 50 or 40 days to be ready. I learned early in my career that it’s better to be ready for spring than... read more