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Irrigreen offers rundown on sprinkler technology at 2017 Irrigation Show

December 20, 2017By

Irrigreen is changing the way we water the world, with an efficient and seemingly technical way of programming sprinklers — only it’s so easy even a kid can set it up, says Ray Lamovec, sales and marketing director at Irrigreen. Find out what else Lamovec had to say about the system. read more

Underhill adds sprinkler removal tool

February 2, 2016By

Underhill International unveiled Easy Out, the first sprinkler removal tool that doesn’t require digging, the company said. Easy Out fits all major brands and can be used to replace a broken sprinkler, add a fitting to increase height, cap off unwanted heads or convert heads to drip line. The Easy Out kit includes an alignment rod that prevents dirt from... read more

Underhill offers electric valve-in-head sprinkler

February 12, 2015By

Underhill International’s M-180S sports field sprinkler offers a range of new features, including a 177 foot radius and electric valve-in-head. The M-180S is designed for use on natural and synthetic turf fields and installs out of the area of play for greater safety and easier maintenance. The M-180S is the newest addition to Underhill’s expanding line of Mirage long-throw sprinklers, which also... read more

Hunter releases short radius rotator

January 8, 2015By

Hunter Industries introduced its MP800SR360, a short radius version of its MP Rotator. The product features a 360-degree full-circle pattern and has radius settings as low as 6 ft. and as high as 12 ft. The rotator features high distribution uniformity, wind-resistant streams and a debris-resistant double-pop design. “The MP800SR360 rounds out our short-radius offering with a 360-degree full-circle pattern... read more

IrriGreen introduces new irrigation system

September 10, 2014By

IrriGreen released the IrriGreen Genius Irrigation System, which uses up to 50 percent less water than ordinary systems, the company said. The system is designed to control its sprinklers to match water patterns to the shape of any lawn. According to the company, the IrriGreen requires the installation and maintenance of up to 80 percent fewer sprinkler heads and up... read more

Throwback Thursday: January 2000

January 2, 2014By

We gave you apps to consider applying to your business in our December issue. And a few weeks back, I wrote about technology we suggested for landscape professionals to try in 2000. But before all that—at the turn of not only a new year, but also a Millennium—we shared products expected to impact landscape business operations in 2000 as well. ... read more