Membership for All

March 9, 2010By

By: Rick Doyle, Synthetic Turf Council When first thinking about the Synthetic Turf Council (STC), you might focus on companies and people who make turf, sell it, or install it. While those individuals are critical to the industry, our trade association is also about more than that. Founded on the basic premise of promoting the synthetic turf industry, the STC has... read more

A look back at the STC’s 6th year

December 8, 2009By

By: Rick Doyle, Synthetic Turf Council On Oct. 1, the Synthetic Turf Council celebrated its sixth birthday and closed the books on another memorable and productive year, despite the many challenges created by the recession. One of the STC’s primary missions is to promote the benefits of synthetic turf, as well as its human health and environmental safety as validated by... read more

The real faces of synthetic turf

March 23, 2009By

By: Rick Doyle, Synthetic Turf Council Synthetic turf is about more than a versatile playing surface. For the people who use it every day, synthetic turf creates opportunities, helps sports teams improve, enables student athletes to win scholarships by honing their games and brings communities together.  Over the past few months, a number of individuals have reached out to share their... read more

Bypassing the game of Password

December 17, 2008By

By: Rick Doyle, Synthetic Turf Council Remember the childhood game of Password, where the original phrase selected was usually laughably different by the time it circulated around the room? It shows just how much a piece of information can be embellished, and shift in a short period of time. The same is true in the world at large. Over the past... read more

Small-scale Zhang, Crain study misses the mark

November 28, 2008By

By: Rick Doyle, Synthetic Turf Council A couple of publications have reprinted information from a small scale study conducted by Drs. Zhang, Han and Crain, which first appeared in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, that concluded synthetic turf contains hidden toxins. While well-intentioned, the study presented information that was flawed and misleading. Because the public turns to the Synthetic... read more