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Step by Step: How to have a successful mulch installation

April 5, 2023By
(Photo: Carl Bennett)

Learn the ins and outs of his mulch-laying process as Carl Bennett of Happy’s Lawn Care & Landscaping share tips to take to perfect your technique. read more

Step by Step: Top 5 of 2022

December 23, 2022By

Take a look at our top five Step by Steps for 2022 and get some helpful tips for your operation before we move into the new year. read more

Top 5 Step by Steps of 2022

December 21, 2022By

1. How to effectively plow a parking lot Before it snows, survey the property you’ll be plowing to check for obstacles—such as speed bumps, curbs, sidewalks, shrubs, fire hydrants and fences—that may become hidden by fallen snow. When plowing in dirt or gravel, lower the plow shoes. This will raise the blade to prevent scraping away the surface. When plowing... read more

How to install drip irrigation systems

September 15, 2021By
Photo: Drip Drop Irrigation

Every project you approach is unique and presents its own challenges, but some basic standards apply to all drip irrigation installations. read more

Step by Step: How to identify trees

January 14, 2019By
Leaves (Illustration: David Preiss)

There are an estimated 23,000 different kinds of trees in the world. While it’s impossible to know them all, it’s important for landscape contractors to be familiar with the varieties found in their parts of the country to ensure proper treatment and care. To begin the identification process, contractors should thoroughly inspect the tree, making note of its prominent features,... read more

Step by Step: How to install a simple fire pit

November 29, 2018By
Steel ring of fire pit (illustration: David Preiss)

Fire pits continue to be popular as more homeowners strive to create an outdoor oasis in their own backyards. But before installing a fire pit, there are several factors for contractors, as well as their clients, to consider. The most common types of fire pits are wood burning, natural gas and propane. Wood-burning fire pits are less expensive to design... read more