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Step by Step: How to do a microinjection

February 14, 2018By
illustrations: David Preiss

Tree care professionals are turning to microinjection units to keep trees healthy and free of pests and diseases. Microinjection units allow applicators to administer a product directly into a tree’s vascular system using a single-dose applicator that’s manually pressurized. This method eliminates spray drift and reduces groundwater contamination, while reducing applicator exposure. It’s also an alternative in areas where spraying... read more

Step by Step: Tips for routine mower maintenance

January 8, 2018By
illustrations: David Preiss

It’s important for contractors to perform regular maintenance on mowers to ensure their machines perform at peak levels for as long as possible. Routine mower maintenance is also a good way to identify minor issues that can be repaired quickly and inexpensively before they become major problems. There are a number of regular maintenance items that should be performed on... read more

Step by Step: How to do an effective turf conversion

December 11, 2017By
Illustrations: David Preiss

As droughts continue to plague regions throughout the country, more contractors face the challenge of keeping their clients’ lawns green and healthy while using less water. Landscape watering can account for nearly 30 percent of the average residential water bill, and performing a turf conversion is one way to reduce water use. Turf conversion is replacing selected sections of turfgrass... read more

Step by Step: How to build a retaining wall

October 16, 2017By
illustrations: David Preiss

Retaining walls can add beauty to a landscape, enhance the value of a property and retain slopes to create usable, level ground. For stability, all retaining walls should be constructed with the thickness equal to one half of the wall’s overall height and should be built leaning back toward the slope about 2 inches per foot of height. For walls... read more

Step by Step: How to install a French drain

August 21, 2017By
illustrations: David Preiss

Drainage issues in a lawn can cause an array of problems, like disease and damage to a home’s foundation. One way to get rid of excess water is to install a French drain. A French drain consists of a perforated drainage tube placed into a trench filled with loose gravel or rock that’s designed to take water away from wet... read more

Step by Step: How to lay interlocking pavers

July 21, 2017By
illustrations: David Preiss

Interlocking pavers can add aesthetic appeal to driveways, patios and walkways. Pavers are also known to be stronger than poured concrete and are easy to maintain and repair. Before laying interlocking pavers, it’s important to create a well-compacted, stable base. Begin by excavating all unstable or unconsolidated subgrade material. To estimate the depth of excavation needed, consider the final grade... read more