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Leveling the playing field

April 16, 2015By

Manufacturers explain why nongas handheld equipment is nearer than ever to the performance of gas-powered competitors. Josh Flowers’ first few years of heading up Eco-Lectric Landscape Maintenance, located in Bradenton, Fla., were less than ideal. He was using consumer-quality handheld products to serve a 90 percent residential client base. “It was horrible,” he recalls. The power and necessary runtime just... read more

Web Extra: Strathmore’s zero-emission crews in motion

April 7, 2015By

Featured in “Leveling the playing field,” Montreal-based Strathmore Landscape added two zero-emission teams to its maintenance division in 2011 to satisfy more environmentally conscious customers looking to become LEED certified. The two-man crews drive electric trucks equipped with all nongas handheld products and electric mowers. “We’re in Canada, so the environmental push is a bit stronger than in the states,” Vice... read more

Lawncare pro: Danny Milligan

April 11, 2012By

Danny Milligan, president of Strathmore Landscape, is proud of the company’s latest environmental initiative. “We cannot change from gas-powered trucks completely, but we are moving in the direction of sustainability one step at a time.” Milligan, along with daughter Jessica and son Gordon, talked a little bit about how the industry has changed over the years and how business is... read more