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Getting inspired with natural, sustainable landscapes

November 29, 2017By
Photos: Strauser Nature’s Helpers

About four years ago, Zech Strauser suggested that one of his commercial resort clients do something a little different with a large, unused green space next to its basketball courts. The project, completed by Strauser for free, turned 8,000 square feet within a 2-acre space into a sustainable plant paradise. It includes native grasses and wildflowers that attract butterflies and... read more

Design software: Which do you prefer and why?

August 7, 2015By

Chris Stafford President, The Cutting Edge Landscaping Harvey, La. “Pro Landscape by Drafix Software. Once 
you’ve learned certain facets of the program, which requires a little commitment, you realize Pro Landscape will help you sell jobs more efficiently. The cost of the program and training can be recovered with just one job.” Zech Strauser CEO, Strauser Nature’s Helpers East Stroudsburg,... read more