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TAG: stress management

Target Specialty Products to launch Turf Fuel Infinite

April 12, 2021By

Target Specialty Products is launching Turf Fuel Infinite, designed for turf professionals to help improve moisture management and stress tolerance. “The No. 1 priority for our product development at Turf Fuel is to deliver unique solutions to age-old challenges our customers face,” said Mark Jull, Target specialty products, proprietary products manager. “With Infinite, we have targeted the common need for... read more

High Performance: Surviving survival mode

June 14, 2018By

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve interacted with many green industry professionals who are in survival mode driven by a variety of factors. A compressed spring adds even more stress to a season that is challenging even in a normal year. On top of this, the labor shortage is especially painful when strong customer demand feels like adding fuel... read more

Profit Power: If LeBron James meditates, should you?

May 23, 2018By

The rookie star quarterback for the New York Jets, Sam Darnold, claims that daily meditation—morning and evening—has helped him greatly expand his performance. As a pro who is already at the top of his game for his age and experience, he is constantly training and looking for the next edge. Given the high stress and busy schedule of professional football,... read more

High Performance: 5 landscape season survival techniques

June 13, 2016By

Survivalists know all sorts of interesting things about surviving in whatever environment they plan to be in. They realize they’re going to be placing themselves in a dangerous situation, so they do their homework first—or they learn the hard way, by trial and error. In many ways, the landscape season requires a survivalist mentality. The more prepared we are, the... read more

High Performance: The season of stress

May 12, 2015By

My first spring in the green industry was in 1985. I was a co-assistant manager for a large regional lawn and garden retailer. With only a few months of training under my belt and no prior experience in the green industry, I was completely unprepared for the onslaught of the spring season and the stress it would create. There have... read more