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Bearcat Products: SC3265 chipper/shredder

April 12, 2013By
Photo: http://www.bearcatproducts.com

The SC3265 chipper/shredder reduces yard debris, while helping operators be kind to the environment. The 3-in. chipper/shredder comes with a 265cc Subaru engine; two reversible, heat-treated steel chipper blades to reduce maintenance costs and blade replacement; 12 serrated shredding knives; 1.5-in. screen standard (three other screen options are available); and a double-banded belt drive for an equal transfer of power.... read more

General Equipment Co.: 240 hole digger

December 14, 2012By

A 1.6-hp Subaru EH035 four-stroke gasoline engine supplies the power to the 240 hole digger, and eliminates the need for premixed fuel and oil solutions, effectively removing any worries of engine damage caused by improper mixing techniques. A Magura twist grip throttle controls the engine speed for optimal power output. Proper operating position is promoted by the exclusive Comfort-Zone handle... read more

Subaru promotes Hartung to director of strategic sourcing

October 22, 2012By

LAKE ZURICH, Ill. — Subaru Industrial Power Products has promoted Steve Hartung to director of strategic sourcing. Hartung has 18 years of experience in engine manufacturing and sales, and most recently has been responsible for Subaru’s Minneapolis-St. Paul sales territory as a regional sales manager. In his new position, Hartung’s primary focus is on strategic sourcing of American-made parts to... read more

Subaru EX13 engine

October 22, 2012By

Subaru’s new EX13 greens mower engine is specially designed version of the popular EX13 engine, featuring overhead cam (OHC) technology synonymous with Subaru’s EX series. The EX13 features a specially designed longneck fuel tank, offering ease during refueling, while also preventing costly, potentially damaging fuel spills. The engine is also backed by Subaru’s new five-year limited warranty. Subaru industrial engines... read more